Pocket Guide to Hostas


Pocket Guide to Hostas Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Timber Press Pages: 212 Illustrations and other contents: 298 color photos, 2 maps ISBN: 9780881928471 Category:

This guide features 280 of the best new and old hostas, Each carefully chosen by Diana Grenfell for their superb performance in the landscape. Detailed aides to plant ID and selection. Succinct cultivation notes. The photographer- Michael Shadrack captures the qualities that make each hosta uniquely desirable.
9780881928471. 212PP Glossy paperback 302 photos.

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One of the most important reference books a gardener can own. -- Jill Sell Cleveland Plain Dealer 20070915 This compact book by Diana Grenfell and Michael Shadrack describes 280 old and new cultivars, with ample advice for selecting and caring for them. -- Beth Botts Philadelphia Inquirer 20071005 I would certainly recommend this book for those, like me, who have been severely bitten by the hosta bug. -- Taffy Turner Washington Gardener 20091001

Author Biography

Diana Grenfell is co-founder of the British Hosta and Hemerocallis Society and a life member of the American Hosta Society. With her husband, Roger Grounds, she is former co-owner of Apple Court, a British nursery specializing in hostas, daylilies, and grasses. Diana has done much to raise the profile of hostas throughout the world, broadcasting, lecturing, and writing many authoritative books and articles on the plant. Her garden in Gloucestershire is home to a National Plant Collection of miniature hostas. Michael Shadrack is a photographer with more than six thousand hosta images in his library. He is an active member of the British Hosta and Hemerocallis Society and the American Hosta Society, and has assumed leadership roles in both organizations. Michael regularly lectures on hostas in North America and Europe, and is an avid hybridizer as well. With his wife, Kathy, he often leads tours of private gardens throughout the United Kingdom and the United States. In 1996, Mike retired from London's Metropolitan Police after thirty-two years of service and has rarely sat down since. As a police officer he served in many parts of London including Soho, Whitechapel, and at Scotland Yard. He now gardens in Western New York where with his wife he maintains a large collection of modern cultivars and a garden devoted to small hostas.