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Ophrys de France, Author: Illustrator: Marianne Fabre First Published: Published By: Société Occitane d'Orchidologie
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Pages: 600 Illustrations and other contents: 1410 illustrations, including 1150 photographs Language: French ISBN: 9782918075042 Categories: , ,
 ‘Ophrys of France’ ( including Occitania, Catalonia and Corsica) is a logical follow-up to the author’s previous book ‘Ophrys d’Italia’ published in 2012.
The book is divided into two parts. The first part covers, etymology of the name Ophrys, systematicism, the International Code of Nomenclature, morphology, biology, protection, history of botanising ,followed by images of pollinators and characteristic habitats.nIn more detail, 7 taxa that have been the subject of controversy in the literature are then treated, followed by a development of the history of the discoveries of 4 other taxa. Finally, the list of all the taxa described in the edition is specified.
The second part is devoted to monographs. Each of the 66 taxa is treated over 6 pages including taxonomy, description, etymology, habitat, pollinators as well as notes about curious or picturesque facts. The richness of the photographs aims to show the diversity both locally and in the global area of ​​distribution of each taxon. It should be noted that 3 taxa under study are presented although they have not yet been formally described. A substantial bibliography closes this part.
The last chapter deals with the hybrids described: their taxonomy and synonyms are accompanied by images of 86 of them.
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