Newton’s Apple and Other Myths about Science

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Newton’s Apple and Other Myths about Science Editors: Kostas Kampourakis, Ronald L. Numbers Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Harvard University Press Pages: 304 Illustrations and other contents: 1 photo, 2 illus. ISBN: 9780674241565 Category: Tag:

A Guardian “Favourite Reads-as Chosen by Scientists”

A falling apple inspired Isaac Newton’s insight into the law of gravity-or did it really? Among the many myths debunked in this refreshingly irreverent book are the idea that alchemy was a superstitious pursuit, that Darwin put off publishing his theory of evolution for fear of public reprisal, and that Gregor Mendel was ahead of his time as a pioneer of genetics. More recent myths about particle physics and Einstein’s theory of relativity are discredited too, and a number of dubious generalizations, like the notion that science and religion are antithetical, or that science can neatly be distinguished from pseudoscience, go under the microscope of history. Newton’s Apple brushes away popular fictions and refutes the widespread belief that science advances when individual geniuses experience “Eureka!” moments and suddenly grasp what those around them could never imagine.


“[A] provocative collection that tackles some of science’s most enduring misconceptions and dubious assumptions.” -Discover

“Delightful…thought-provoking… Every reader should find something to surprise them.” -Jim Endersby, Science

“Better than just countering the myths, the book explains when they arose and why they stuck.” -The Guardian

Newton’s Apple seeks to expose lingering misconceptions about the precursors of modern science, about how science is conducted, and about leading researchers who pushed their fields forward.–Bob Grant”The Scientist” (12/01/2015)

In Newton’s Apple and Other Myths about Science 27 experts in the history of science and science education explore 27 ‘myths’ that are staples of classroom and popular science. Each short, readable and authoritative chapter is perfect commute-length reading. Better than just countering the myths, the book explains when they arose and why they stuck.– (12/09/2016)

Myth busting is always great fun as well as being educational. Newton’s Apple and Other Myths about Science is a splendid sequel to Galileo Goes to Jail and Other Myths about Science and Religion. Here, twenty-eight experts punch holes in widely-held opinions about science. But it may be disconcerting to find a few of your own long-held beliefs in the ranks. So don’t read this book if you aren’t prepared to change your mind.–Owen Gingerich, author of God’s Planet

Numbers and Kampourakis have assembled a splendid collection of essays challenging rampant misconceptions about science past and present. This book will be of interest to researchers, teachers, students, and anyone who cares about getting the history of science right.–Angela N. H. Creager, author of Life Atomic

Twenty-seven popular myths about science and its history bite the dust in this engaging and timely book. In these essays, Numbers, Kampourakis, and a host of eminent experts set the record straight and explore how and why these myths become part of our collective memory–whether right or wrong. Each chapter offers important lessons about history and the scientists involved in some of our most significant discoveries.–Janet Browne, author of Charles Darwin: A Biography

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