New Nepenthes, Volume 2


New Nepenthes, Volume 2 Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Redfern Natural History Productions Ltd
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More new species of Nepenthes (tropical pitcher plants) have been discovered and named during the last decade than at any point in history.

Forty six new Nepenthes species have been described since the publication of New Nepenthes Volume 1, in 2011. This work presents an account of each of these 46 new Nepenthes, as well as the descriptions of three further new species (introduced in this book for the very first time), several exciting and colourful expedition reports and other new findings from the field.

New Nepenthes Volume 2 is crammed full of exciting new information and stunning imagery!

This work is specifically designed to complement the upcoming Redfern books “Nepenthes – The Tropical Pitcher Plants, Volumes 1, 2 and 3”.

The taxonomy, expedition reports, new discoveries and new knowledge from the field presented in New Nepenthes Volume 2 sets up the treatment of the genus in “Nepenthes – The Tropical Pitcher Plants, Volumes 1, 2 and 3”.

Highlights of New Nepenthes Volume 2 include:

Accounts of 46 Nepenthes described since 2011: N. abalata, N. abgracilis, N. adrianii, N. aenigma, N. alfredoi, N. alzapan, N. armin, N. barcelonae, N. biak, N. cabanae, N. cid, N. cornuta, N. dactylifera, N. diabolica, N. domei, N. extincta, N. fractiflexa, N. halmahera, N. justinae, N. kitanglad, N. kongkandana, N. krabiensis, N. kurata, N. latiffiana, N. leyte, N. malimumuensis, N. manobo, N. maryae, N. minima, N. nebularum, N. negros, N. orbiculata, N. pantaronensis, N. parvula, N. putaiguneung, N. ramos, N. rosea, N. samar, N. sumagaya, N. talaandig, N. tayninhensis, N. tboli, N. ultra, N. weda, N. zakriana and N. zygon (approx. 300 pages in total).

Descriptions of 3 brand new Nepenthes species.

Expedition reports covering:

  • the rediscovery of Nepenthes mollis and N. fusca (with an account to recent revisions of the N. fusca complex).
  • the rediscovery of Nepenthes mapuluensis and N. epiphytica.
  • the rediscovery of Nepenthes pilosa.
  • the rediscovery of Nepenthes paniculata.
  • the rediscovery of Nepenthes deaniana.
  • the discovery of Nepenthes palawanensis.
  • exploration of little-known parts of the Hose Mountains.

New discoveries and new knowledge from the field, covering:

  • clarification on the taxonomy of Nepenthes beccariana.
  • an account of a new colour form of Nepenthes chaniana.
  • an account of a gigantic form of Nepenthes tentaculata.
  • an account of the relationship of Nepenthes madagascariensis and N. masoalensis.
  • an account of the upper pitchers of Nepenthes palawanensis.
  • a report on the current conservation status of Nepenthes clipeata.
  • a report on the current conservation status of Nepenthes aristolochioides.
  • a report on the current conservation status of Nepenthes rigidifolia.
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