Nature of the Rainforest – Costa Rica and Beyond


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Nature of the Rainforest – Costa Rica and Beyond Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Cornell University Press Pages: 200 Illustrations and other contents: 191 color photographs ISBN: 9780801474750 Category:

Adrian Forsyth draws on four decades of personal encounters with the animals of the rainforest-including poison-dart frogs, three-toed sloths, bushmasters, and umbrellabirds-as a starting point to communicate key ecological topics such as biodiversity, coevolution, rarity, chemical defense, nutrient cycling, and camouflage.

The luminous photographs capture stunning and rare creatures in action, including the now- extinct golden toad mating, a jaguar on the prowl, and the hermit hummingbird feeding. The behaviors and characteristics of the rainforest inhabitants featured here not only illustrate the text but also advance the scientific narrative and exemplify the critical importance of conservation. Thematic chapters are interspersed with four chapters devoted to specific habitats and regions of Costa Rica and Peru, areas with some of the most diverse arrays of plant and animal species in the world.

Authors: Adrian Forsyth, Michael Fogden and Patricia Fogden
Softcover, 200 pages, colour photos.

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""Forsyth succeeds in blending scientific data and analysis with an almost storytelling prose that should enthuse both professional and lay readers. As warned, some of the stories he tells tend to be personal in nature, or at least they start out that way. Each, however, weaves fascinating insights into the mystery and beauty of tropical biology.... His cause and his words are for understanding and protecting the tropical world. And for that, we should applaud his efforts and gain from his insights." - Sterling Evans,H-Net"

Author Biography

Adrian Forsyth is an internationally renowned biologist, conservationist, and nature writer. He is the author of Tropical Nature, The Natural History of Sex, The Nature of Birds, Exploring the World of Insects, and Mammals of North America. He is President of the Amazon Conservation Association and a research associate at the Smithsonian Institution. Michael Fogden and Patricia Fogden are world-acclaimed nature photographers. Since 1979, they have lived for about half of each year in Monteverde, using their home as a base for photography excursions throughout Costa Rica. They are the authors of Animals and their Colours and Costa Rica: Wildlife of the National Parks and Reserves. E. O. Wilson is Pellegrino University Research Professor in Entomology in the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University and the author most recently of The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth.