Moths: Their biology, diversity and evolution


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Moths: Their biology, diversity and evolution Authors: , Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: The Natural History Museum
Illustrations and other contents: Colour throughout Language: English ISBN: 9780565094577 Categories: , , ,

Moths is an accessible introduction to the stunning diversity, life habits and evolution of moths. This insect group encompasses 128 of the 135 families of the scaly winged insects (Lepidoptera), with some 140,000 known species. Moths are among the most successful of the Earth’s inhabitants, with an ancient history, some fossils being dated to 190 million years old. This book traces the structure and development of these winged insects and reveals some of their extraordinary adaptations, such as caterpillars that communicate with ants, as well as ruthless survival tactics – including blood-sucking, feeding on the tears of sleeping birds, and cannibalism of their own mothers. It also exposes their essential roles in ecosystems and manifold interactions with humans. Often considered denizens of the night, hopelessly allured by light and voracious destroyers of clothes, the book shines a spotlight on moths, illuminating the bright side of their astonishing diversity.

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'This is designed to be a lavish introduction to the wonderful world of moths and in this it succeeds admirably. It is a fascinating and enthralling account... The authors are experienced lepidopterists, who are both curators of moths and butterflies at the Natural History Museum in London, and so it is no surprise that they provide an authoritative and wide-ranging account. Every page includes details and examples of the extraordinarily diverse and unlikely life of moths.' Atropos; 'This is by far the best book on Lepidotera that I have had the pleasure to read during a lifetime's study on entomology. Superbly researched, superbly written. Each sentence is beautifully crafted, jam-packed with fascinating detail.' British Journal of Entomology

Author Biography

David C. Lees and Alberto Zilli are Curators of Lepidoptera at the Natural History Museum, London. Between them they are responsible for over four million specimens.