Mass Extinctions and Their Aftermath


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Mass Extinctions and Their Aftermath Authors: , Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Oxford University Press
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Why do mass extinctions occur? The demise of the dinosaurs has been discussed exhaustively, but has never been out into the context of other extinction events. This is the first systematic review of the mass extinctions of all organisms, plant and animal, terrestrial and marine, that have occurred in the history of life. This includes the major crisis 250 million years ago which nearly wiped out all life on Earth. By examining current paleontological, geological, and sedimentological evidence of environmental changes, the cases for explanations based on climate change, marine regressions, asteroid or comet impact, anoxia, and volcanic eruptions are all critically evaluated.

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Hallam and Wignall provide a sobering antidote to simplistic applications of extraterrestrial "crash-bang-you're-dead" interpretations. * New Scientist * the book is unique in that all major extinction intervals are considered ... Mass Extinctions and their Aftermath will richly reward the efforts made by students and laymen to come to grips with the material presented ... the book is well-written, comprehensive, copiously referenced and closely reasoned. It succeeds in its aim to be the foremost scientific introduction to the phenomenon of mass extinction on virtually every level. Hallam and Wignall's volume is the only comprehensive "single author" treatment of the major features of the entire paleontological extinction record. It deserves a wide audience within and outside the earth science community. * Times Higher Education Supplement * The authors have provided a comprehensive and well-documented account of all the known mass extinctions of plant and animal life which have occurred on this planet. * Aslib Book Guide, vol. 63, no. 3, March 1998 * '...It is a pleasure to recommend a book that should be purchased by anyone (yes, even undergraduates) interested in geology...This book....represents an impressive summary of the literature...a valuable addition to the mass extinction literature...' * S.Conway Morris, Geological Mag. No.5, 1998. *