Legumes of the World


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Legumes of the World Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Royal Botanic Gardens: Kew Publishing Pages: 592 ISBN: 9781900347808 Category:

592pp. Colour photographs & line drawings. This is the first comprehensive guide to world legumes, describing and illustrating all 727 genera.

Legumes contribute enormously to the world’s economy – through food and drink, pharmaceuticals and medicine, biotechnology, building and construction, textiles, furniture, horticulture, paper and pulp, fertilizers, chemicals, pest control and ecotourism. This book spotlights as yet untapped economic potential and for the first time places genera in a modern systematic framework.

Containing over 1,000 illustrations – colour photographs and line drawings – this is a lavish yet much needed reference for botanists and other professionals involved with legumes.


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Author Biography

Gwilym Lewis is an authority on South American legumes and has specialist knowledge of the genus Caesalpinia and several mimosoid genera. He has written three books and c. 100 research papers on legumes and is currently head of the legume team in the Herbarium at Kew. Brain Schrire studied botany in South Africa where he headed Natal Herbarium in Durban from 1980 to 1985. He was South African Liaison Botanist at Kew from mid 1985 to mid 1988 and later joined the Kew Legume Section in 1994. His main research interests are legume biogeography and systematics. Barbara Mackinder studies tropical African legumes. She has a specialist knowledge of the genera of leguminous trees which dominate the forests of west and central Africa and is currently monographing the Caesalpinioid genus Berlinia.