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Landfill Author: Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Little Toller Books
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Pages: 242 Illustrations and other contents: Illustrated with pen and ink sketches by Greg Poole. Language: English ISBN: 9781915068040 Categories: , ,

The unlikely stars of Landfill are gulls. No, not seagulls. Gulls. Over the past century gulls have been brought ashore by modernity, living in our slipstream, following trawlers, ploughs and now rubbish trucks. They are more our contemporaries than other birds, living their wild lives in towns and cities, grabbing a bite where they can. Our story is theirs too. In Landfill, Tim Dee follows gulls to rubbish dumps, meets gull-watchers, discovers ancient poets, Victorian novelists and learns how gulls continue to tell us how the wild can share our world, if we’d only listen.

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'An important and entirely brilliant absolute triumph.' Helen Macdonald, author of H is for Hawk; 'A startling and truly original book.' Richard Holmes; 'A true zoological and anthropological classic.' Charles Foster

Author Biography

Tim Dee is a broadcaster and the author of Four Fields, The Running Sky, Greenery and is the editor of Ground Work.