Kiwifruit: The Genus Actinidia


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Kiwifruit: The Genus Actinidia Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Academic Press (Elsevier) Pages: 350 ISBN: 9780128030660 Category:

Kiwifruit: The Genus Actindia includes extensive and full coverage of scientific and applied information ranging from basic taxonomy, population genetics, and natural resources/distribution to domestication history and breeding/cultivars, and to culture and international production and commercialization.
The book gathers information not previously available in the English language providing an authoritative reference for professionals, including taxonomists, horticulturist, breeders, conservationist and kiwifruit technicians, specialists and college teachers, as well as policy makers of industry and governments. In addition to those in the academic and professional sectors, horticultural and botanical enthusiasts will find the information presented highly accessible.

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"This text is essential reading for anyone involved with the science and management of kiwifruit. In many of the topics covered it greatly adds to prior knowledge about this genus and provides valuable information about the industry in China." --Journal of the American Pomological Society

Author Biography

Professor Huang started his research career as plant germplasm collector and fruit tree breeder of kiwifruit (Actinidia) and chestnut (Castanea) and his career spans over 30 years in arena of plant genetic resources and breeding, with experiences as co-principal investigator and co-investigator positions for a number of research projects funded by USDA, European Union, China Ministry of Science and Technology and Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is best known for kiwifruit (Actinidia) research and breeding and responsible for founding Actinidia section of Chinese Horticultural Society and has served as Chairman since 2002. He developed and released novel yellow-fleshed kiwifruit cultivars (Actinidia chinensis) grown worldwide for commercial production. His long time research focused in Actinidia are well received by the world kiwifruit research community as well as world kiwifruit industry and highly valued him a lifetime achievement award by ISHS Kiwifruit Working Group in 2010. He is author of >200 publications and holder of 15 registered or patented cultivars. He is currently Secretary General of International Association of Botanic Gardens (IABG), Vice chairman of Chinese Botanical Society and coordinator of East Asia Botanical Gardens Network. Professor Huang also serves as chair of ISHS Kiwifruit Working Group two terms (1999-2002; 2010-present).