KIMAG 10 LED Scale Loupe Measuring Magnifier 10x


KIMAG 10 LED Scale Loupe Measuring Magnifier 10x Format: MAGNIFIERS Published By: Kitotec ISBN: 8010000001022 Categories: , , Tag:

A KIMAG LED precision illuminated scale loupe measuring magnifier 10x with an achromatic (chromatic aberration corrected) coated optic system consisting of 4 elements and 2 component assemblies. The measurement scale is made of glass and has a graduation 0.1 mm with a measuring length of 30 mm. The housing contains a ring consisting of 8 LEDs, which provides for a bright and high-contrast illumination of the measuring field.

The conflict between high resolution and wide field of view is fully resolved in this product, giving efficient, precise control. For higher transmission the lenses are coated with anti-reflection coating. The achromatic clear glass optical system provides an excellent display quality being corrected for chromatic aberration and free from distortion right up to the boundary area. The 8 component LED system provides complete annular lighting, a feature that hasn’t previously been available in products within this price range.

Includes 4 x L936F (AG9) batteries and a case.
Replacements are available.

In optics, an achromatic system is taken to mean a system of two lenses, consisting of glasses with a differing Abbe number (varying strength of colour dispersion). The system contains a convex lens (usually made of crown glass) and a dispersing lens with lower Abbe number and thus stronger colour dispersion than the convex lens (usually made of flint glass). In this way the chromatic aberration which every convex lens has can be corrected for two wavelengths. This means that the system has the same back focal length for both these colours

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