In Search of Real Monsters


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Join a Fascinating Adventure on the Hunt for Mythical Animals From animals long believed extinct, to monsters that we thought never existed– this book acts as both a guide to, and unbelievably true account of legendary cryptids. Globetrotting adventure for mythical animals. Cryptozoologist Richard Freeman has spent years researching and tracking down mythical monsters. In this book, he recounts riveting monster hunt stories; through the dense forests of Sumatra on the trail of a mystery ape known as the orang-pendek, to Tasmania in search of the thylacine or Tasmanian wolf. Every corner of Earth has its own monster–even in the traceless Gobi Desert as he searches for the Mongolian death worm, a creature so feared by the nomads that it can send a whole community into a panic. Expert advice to start your own hunt. The author provides you with excellent advice on how to carry out your own cryptozoological expeditions from scratch. This includes advice on what equipment to take, inoculations, how to choose which mythical animals to hunt, planning ahead and the importance of getting good local guides to name a few. Inside, you’ll find: A deep dive into whether extinct animals are truly extinct A journey beyond a textbook definition of the world’s largest animals A ton of advice, including information on how to join the Centre for Fortean Zoology If you enjoyed Richard Freemans previous book, Adventures in Cryptozoology; or liked titles such as The Compendium of Magical Beasts, The Zoologist’s Guide to the Galaxy, or Chasing American Monsters, you’ll love In Search of Real Monsters: Adventures in Cryptozoology Volume II.

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Author Biography

Richard Freeman is a former zookeeper who has worked with over 400 species of animals and has a special interest in crocodiles. He is a full-time cryptozoologist and is the Zoological Director of The Centre for Fortean Zoology, the world's only professional organization dedicated to searching for unknown species. He has searched for cryptids on five continents and has investigated creatures such as the yeti, the Tasmanian wolf, the orang-pendek, the giant anaconda, the Mongolian death worm the almasty, the ninki-nanka, the gul and many others. He is currently planning a series of trips in search of giant, man-eating crocodiles. He has lectured widely on cryptozoology at venues such as The Natural History Museum and the Grant Museum of Zoology. He has written a number of books on cryptozoology and folklore as well as horror fiction. His interest in strange creatures stems from a love of the BBC science fiction television classic Doctor Who.