Holistic Homesteading


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Learn to Live Holistically, Sustainably, and Intentionally#1 New Release in Landscape, Gardening & Horticulture, Embroidery, Container Gardening and Outdoor & Recreational Areas, Greenhouses, and Hydroponic Gardening Make healthier life choices to heal yourself and the environment through self-sufficiency. Holistic Homesteading by Roxanne Ahern provides the tools for living slowly, intentionally, and better through permaculture, edible gardening, and organic farming. Live the Homestead Life. Ahern’s book guides new and seasoned homesteaders in improving personal and environmental health. Holistic Homesteading is geared toward people who are interested in pursuing intentional lifestyles and organic farming methods. It is both for those who have access to land and those who are interested in retrofitting urban and suburban lifestyles and landscapes to shift towards sustainability. Utilize Sustainable Organic Farming Techniques. Learn about permaculture design, holistic nutrition, and sustainable farming in rural and urban settings. Holistic Homesteading covers how to use organic soil and zero chemicals to grow the best vegetables and fruits, responsible and humane animal husbandry that improves the ground and carbon sequestration, as well as the best canning and preserving techniques. Ahern also provides tips on safely foraging for flowers and mushrooms. Read Holistic Homesteading and learn: Permaculture practices that can be used in rural and urban spaces How to get the most out of your food through holistic nutrition The best techniques for canning and preserving your fruits and vegetables If you enjoyed books such as The Modern Homestead Garden, The Encyclopedia of Country Living, and Beginner’s Guide to Preserving, your next read should be Holistic Homesteading.

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"If you want to live off the land and grow a regenerative homestead, this book is a great primer into essential steps: from siting your garden and understanding design principles to wild foraging and home preserves. Roxanne is full of good advice!" -Zach Loeks, director of the Ecosystem Solution Institute and author of The Permaculture Market Garden and The Edible Ecosystem Solution "In Holistic Homesteading, Roxanne Ahern lays out the why and the how of living a more grounded and meaningful existence through the simple, beautiful, everyday acts of home production. It was once commonplace for our ancestors to mark the days and the seasons through the production happening in the home: the flush of the summer garden, the work of storage in autumn, the renewal and abundance of spring, the simple dance between human culture and animal husbandry and the delicate care of the plant world. Holistic Homesteading invites us back in to participate in this most essential and meaningful of human tasks: the work and joy of making a living from the land and reveling in its abundance." -Dr. Ashley Colby, environmental sociologist, director of Rizoma Field School, and author of Subsistence Agriculture in the US: Reconnecting to Work, Nature and Community "Holistic Homesteading offers a wide array of information on finding land, starting a homestead, and enjoying the rhythms of a land-based lifestyle. Filled with practical tips and important things to consider along the way, it's a perfect book for inspiration at any point in your homesteading journey." -Tao Orion, Resilience Permaculture Design, LLC, author of Beyond the War on Invasive Species: A Permaculture Approach to Ecosystem Restoration

Author Biography

Roxanne Ahern is a writer, homesteader, holistic nutritionist, and permaculture designer. She consults with clients on nutrition, edible gardening, homesteading, and farming.