Grizzly Giant


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Grizzly Giant Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Yosemite Conservancy
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Pages: 64 Illustrations and other contents: Full-color and black & white photographs throughout Language: English ISBN: 9781951179281 Categories: , , ,

Meet Yosemite’s most celebrated tree This entry in the Yosemite Icon series looks up-way up-at the charismatic giant sequoia that captures hearts with its immense size and quirky charm: the Grizzly Giant. As if sprouted in a fairy tale, the Grizzly Giant is a magical presence. The huge, nearly 3,000-year-old tree welcomes all who stroll beneath its tremendous branches and marvel at its trunk. From its snag top to its burn scar, this photographer’s favorite has provided a 29-foot-wide backdrop for presidents and philosophers. Its forest companions are furry creatures, striking wildflowers, and other lofty trees; its setting in Yosemite’s Mariposa Grove is a place of peace and natural splendor. When the U.S. government protected Yosemite forever, it did so because of Yosemite Valley and because of the incredible giant sequoias nearby. The emblem of the National Park Service includes a sequoia. There’s good reason for this reverence and respect: The Grizzly Giant and its fellow sequoias are nothing short of inspiring. Each slim yet elegant title in the Yosemite Icon series gathers stunning photos and insider information to tell the story of one of the park’s celebrated landscape elements. Replete with natural and human history, these books are equally enjoyable both at home and on trails: Pop them in your backpack as on-the-go guides or peruse them from your couch to remember your favorite features between visits.

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