Gardening in a Changing World: Plants, People and the Climate Crisis


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Gardening in a Changing World: Plants, People and the Climate Crisis Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Pimpernel Press Ltd
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Our planet, the Earth, is under threat, with potentially catastrophic consequences for ourselves and the other lifeforms it sustains. Yet Nature itself can still rescue us – with plants playing a pivotal role, in the countryside – and everywhere. In gardens and parks, plants are the mainstay of our relationship with the natural world, and we celebrate them for the pleasures they bring. However, that can be part of the problem: too often we value plants for their aesthetic qualities rather than the vital role they play in the ecology of the Earth. In Gardening in a Changing World Darryl Moore explores how gardens can be better for human beings and for all the other lifeforms that inhabit them. Recent developments in horticulture and plant science show us that we need to rethink our attitude to plants beyond purely aesthetic concerns, and to adopt more holistic approaches to how we design, inhabit and enjoy our gardens. He looks at the history of garden design, to show how we got to where we are today, and recommends ways of changing to new principles of sustainable ecological horticulture. This challenging and important new book will be essential reading for professionals and students of horticulture and garden and landscape design, as well as for anyone interested in making gardens part of the solution to the future of life on Earth.

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'This book is HOT. One of the most informative - certainly the most important - gardening books ever published. It is going to be the standard work for the next fifty years - at least.' (A leading maker of ecological films, who prefers to remain anonymous) 'The most illuminating book on this very important subject.' -- Cleve West, multi-award-winning garden designer and popular author of books including Our Plot and The Garden of Vegan "The depth of research and knowledge that is brought together here is quite astounding, and there is no let-up from start to finish in the skill with which this often complex information is communicated." -- Nigel Dunnett, academic, plantsman, Olympic Park planting designer, author 'This book not only acknowledges some of our greatest plantspeople, but ensures that we must always remember plants are front and centre stage on Earth . . . always!' -- Arit Anderson, garden designer, presenter Gardeners' World

Author Biography

Darryl Moore FRSA is an award-winning garden and landscape designer and writer focusing on contemporary garden and landscape design and planting. He has been a feature writer for Garden Design Journal for the past 15 years and has also been published in The Guardian, Homes & Gardens, The English Garden, Pro Landscaper, The Garden and RSA Journal. He is a member of the Garden Media Guild and was Trade Journalist of the Year in 2016. He is a former member of GDJ Editorial Panel and is also a published garden photographer. He is Director and co-founder of the innovative urban landscape organisation Cityscapes, realizing creative approaches to greening city spaces through novel design ideas that ensure ecological, economic and social sustainability. He lives in London, SW2,