For the Love of the Land: Stories of Farming’s Past, Present and Future


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For the Love of the Land: Stories of Farming’s Past, Present and Future Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Penguin Books Ltd Language: English ISBN: 9780241503744 Category:

A portrait of British farm life at a time of unprecedented change When Sarah Langford moved from the city to the countryside she found herself thrust back into an agricultural life she had left behind. But her farming friends were facing very different challenges to her tweed-clad grandfather, one of the generation of farmers heralded as heroes for saving the nation from starvation in World War Two. She found them beleaguered with the challenges of climate change, Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic, and facing accusations of ecological mismanagement from a hostile media. In For a Love of the Land, Sarah follows the stories of farmers from across the UK through the seasons, from generational dairy farmers in Cumbria to first time farmers rewilding land in Norfolk. Through their stories, she seeks to humanise an industry so often misunderstood, showing us what we can learn from farmers about ideas such as sustainability, self-sufficiency and living closely with nature. Both an authentic, beautifully written portrait of 21st Century farming and a look to its future that bridges the gap between city and country, this is a deeply personal record of the stories of those who live and work on the land and produce our food.

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