Flore du Morvan [Flora of Morvan]


Flore du Morvan [Flora of Morvan] Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Naturalia Publications ISBN: 9791094583265 Category:

The Morvan is a region of Burgundy in east-central France with a strong character. It retains the image of a territory still wild. Mountainous land, this crystalline massif is a small mountain with a cold and humid climate. For a long time, nature and landscapes have had to adapt to human activities.

Suffering from the destruction of certain ecological habitats, clearing and drainage, flora and fauna have sometimes been forced to severe entrenchments to make room for the colonizing actions of men. The climatic characteristics and the acidity of the soils have nevertheless allowed the maintenance of exciting and original plant associations. The Morvan has preserved rare environments such as peat bogs, real relics of the ice ages. This flora of Morvan describes and illustrates 625 species.

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