Flora Valentina, Volume 4: Angiospermae (IV) Lamiaceae – Rhamnaceae


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Flora Valentina, Volume 4: Angiospermae (IV) Lamiaceae – Rhamnaceae Authors: , , Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Jolube Consultor y Editor Botánico y Ambiental Pages: 364 Illustrations and other contents: colour photos Language: Spanish ISBN: 9788412165692 Categories: , Tag:

Jolube publishing house has taken over the publication of the Flora Valentina Series.

The fourth volume includes families of dicotyledons, from the labiates to the rhamnaceae.  Each family has a key of genera and within each of them there are keys that lead us to the species and, where appropriate, to the subspecies. Each species has a file in which its distinctive morphological characters are described; It is followed by a paragraph dedicated to the ecology of the taxon, and includes a phytosociological category. The last section is dedicated to the chorology, where the general distribution is given, its presence in the provinces of Com. Valenciana and finally specify in which areas of the Valencian territory. The token ends with the flowering period and is given an abundance / rarity category.

This volume IV includes the description of 39 families, 143 genera and 530 species. 118 hybrid taxa are also mentioned. The most prolific family is the Labiatae with 30 genera, 138 species and 105 hybrids, followed by the Ranunculaceae with 14 genera and 53 species.

This work does not include distribution maps, but they are available and updated on the website of the Biodiversity Data Bank of the Valencian Community.

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