Flora of North Lancashire


Flora of North Lancashire Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Palatine Books Pages: 672 Illustrations and other contents: col. Illustrations, col. maps ISBN: 9781874181897 Categories: , ,

The first definitive account of the past and present occurence of flowering plants and ferns found in North Lancashire. An essential work of reference for any study of the flora and ecology in Lancashire, both at the present time and into the future. The detailed, exhaustively researched information
provided in the book represents a unique and indispensable ‘snapshot’ which will act as a crucial baseline
for the ongoing analysis of changes in our natural environment.

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"A lifetime project of the author, this reference work includes a study of the history of the landscape of Northern Lancashire and its flora. The author draws attention to the changes in vegetation over time and its impact on humans. Greenwood discusses different habitats and plant communities; accompanying photographs in the text illustrate an intriguing variety of environments that must have fascinated the author in the creation of this important contribution to botanical literature. A catalogue of plants depicts the characteristics of individual northern Lancashire flora and its distribution in the region. A section of the study is devoted to research examining the regional introduction and extinction of individual species. Despite differences in climate and scenery, this book serves as a model for creating a comprehensive record and analysis of regional landscapes, vegetation, and flora everywhere."--Marilyn K. Alaimo, garden writer, Chicago Botanic Garden

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Eric Greenwood is a very highly regarded expert in this field and a practised speaker.