Flora of Cornwall


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The Flora of Cornwall (and Isles of Scilly) is currently only available in electronic form. The DVD-ROM version is the most comprehensive of the electronic versions.
It contains:
900,000 flowering plant and fern records covering 3,100 taxa.
Over 3,500 photographs of plants and places in Cornwall.
The entire text from the last edition of the Flora of Cornwall.
A gazetteer of 15,000 place names.

Since the publication of the 1999 edition, 500 additional taxa have been added plus many re-finds or important discoveries amongst 200,000 new records.
For any plant, the individual records can be easily accessed and viewed and maps created at different scales, date classes and against a variety of backgrounds e.g geological data. Records for individual entries on the vector maps can be identified by a zoom facility. Species lists can also be greated for different locations by several means.

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