European Tree Worker. Completely revised and expanded edition January 2016


European Tree Worker. Completely revised and expanded edition January 2016 Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Patzer Verlag ISBN: 9783876171388 Category:

The European Tree Worker programme was developed between 1996–1999 within the framework of the Leonardo-da-Vinci-Programme. The objective has been to harmonize the skill level of the specialized field of tree care within a unified Europe. Further goals have been to ensure a high standard of tree care operations, a qualified common level of training and to facilitate the international movement of European Tree Workers. In order to reach these objectives, the EAC has developed an examination and certification system for the European Tree Worker. This system has now been accepted in 25 European countries.
The examination and certification system includes a curriculum, examination regulations, the ETW Certificate as well as this Handbook.

The European Tree Worker Handbook is a practical guide which is designed to help the European Tree Worker prepare him-/ herself for the ETW examination. It may also be used as a reference book. This revized edition from 2016 includes the complete “European
Tree and Palm Planting Guide” and the „European Pruning Guide”, both by the EAC. This 7th edition of the European Tree Worker Handbook is written in English/German/Polish with the aim of assisting in the cross-border transfer of tree care knowledge and to assure high quality tree operations in a unified Europe – for the benefit of all our trees.

Contents – main sub-sections:
Principles of tree care
Tree and soil
Choice of tree species and tree quality
Tree protection measures
Tree damage diagnosis
Tree care
Principles of labor law
Measures of tree nursing
Material, tools and machines
Laws and regulations
Framework program, examination regulations, Eurodiplom,
3-language, technical dictionary

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