Effective Ecological Monitoring. 2nd revised edition


Effective Ecological Monitoring. 2nd revised edition Author: Format: Paperback Published By: CSIRO Publishing ISBN: 9781486308927 Category:

The fully revised second edition of the highly acclaimed book. Long-term monitoring programs are fundamental to understanding the natural environment and managing major environmental problems. Yet they are often done very poorly and ineffectively.

This second edition of the highly acclaimed Effective Ecological Monitoring describes what makes monitoring programs successful and how to ensure that long-term monitoring studies persist. The book has been fully revised and updated but remains concise, illustrating key aspects of effective monitoring with case studies and examples. It includes new sections comparing surveillance-based and question-based monitoring, analysing environmental observation networks, and provides examples of adaptive monitoring.

Based on the authors’ 80 years of collective experience in running long-term research and monitoring programs, Effective Ecological Monitoring is a valuable resource for the natural resource management, ecological and environmental science and policy communities.

Reviews of the first edition:

“What excuse can any ecologist have for not reading a book about long term ecological monitoring by Lidenmayer and Likens? This book should be read not only by all field ecologists but also policy makers who administer and fund monitoring programmes.”
– John Hopkins, Bulletin of the British Ecological Society

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