Curious Incidents in the Garden at Night-Time: The Fantastic Story of the Disappearing Night


Curious Incidents in the Garden at Night-Time: The Fantastic Story of the Disappearing Night Author: Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Centre for Alternative Technology Publications
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Pages: 192 Illustrations and other contents: thirty black & white line drawings Language: English ISBN: 9781902175256 Categories: ,

A fable for gardeners who love stories. Curious Incidents in the Garden at Night-time explores evolution, ecology and extinction through the eyes of a gardener, whilst discovering the exceptional beauty of gardens at night and the creatures that inhabit them. The moth collector has created a garden for the night. Every plant in it has some quality brought out by darkness. Whether it is the opening of a flower, the release of a scent, or the illumination of a certain type of bold whiteness only visible when colour is banished from the eye.A” Join him as he explores the glories of the night and find out why the creatures he loves are disappearing from his world. This is the perfect book for winter nights – filled with longing for summer evenings. The black and white illustrations add to the mood of reflection and contemplation, as does the unusual design – which splits the book into several parts and includes a hand written ‘memory book’. As well as the story the book includes cultivation details for evening and night scented plants, plants that flower at night and plants that attract moths and other pollinators. For those interested in garden wildlife the book also describes the natural history of the moth and other nocturnal creatures, such as bats and spiders. It describes how evolution, extinction and climate change have and will influence gardening. There is a directory of mail order companies and internet resources as well as a bibliography of titles on biodiversity, butterflies and moths, evolution and extinction.

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