Corticioid fungi of Europe: volume 1 – Acanthobasidium-Gyrodontium (Synopsis Fungorum 43)


Corticioid fungi of Europe: volume 1 – Acanthobasidium-Gyrodontium (Synopsis Fungorum 43) Authors: , Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: FUNGIFLORA
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Corticoid fungi of Europe: volume 1 – Acanthobasidium-Gyrodontium (Synopsis Fungorum 43), is the first of a planned 3 volume series on the corticoid  fungi.  Corticioid fungi are basidiomycetes that form crust-like effused (resupinate) smooth fruitbodies on the underside of decaying wood and are usually found in forest communities. These form a diverse generally unrelated grouping, whose generally simple macromorphological features make them difficult to identify in the field and they are often not represented in guide books.

This new work includes a general introduction, key to genera and descriptions of genera (and species) from A-G.

Almost all species are illustrated with black and white drawings of microscopical characters. Some 50 species with conspicuous and/or coloured basidiocarps are also illustrated with colour pictures.

The mycological scope is wide, including all European wood inhabiting Homobasidiomycetes exclusive of Polyporaceae and Agaricaceae (in a wide sense) and totally some 850 species will be described and illustrated in the end.

Two more volumes are planned to be published in 2022. Vol 2 will include descriptions for genera from H-P, while vol 3 will include the final descriptions of genera from R-W besides a list of references and an index.

The format of the books will be similar to the Poroid Fungi of Europe by Leif Ryvarden and I. Melo


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