Control of Pests and Weeds by Natural Enemies: An Introduction to Biological Control

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Control of Pests and Weeds by Natural Enemies: An Introduction to Biological Control Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Blackwell Publishing Pages: 484 ISBN: 9781405145718 Category:

This book offers a multifaceted yet integrated discussion on two major applications of biological control: permanent control of invasive insects and plants at the landscape level and temporary suppression of both native and exotic pests in farms, tree plantations, and greenhouses. Written by leading international experts in the field, the text discusses control of invasive species and the role of natural enemies in pest management.

484pp. Paperback.

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"This text will be valued by students, biocontrol professionals, farmers, and ecologists concerned with invasive species and pest management." ( Southeastern Naturalist , July 2008) "Valuable for upper-level curricula and as a reference course ... Highly recommended." ( CHOICE , January 2009)

Author Biography

Roy Van Driesche , University of Massachusetts, is an expert in biological control in the Entomology Division of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. An earlier book on this topic by Van Driesche was published in 1996 as well as one on the invasive species problem. He is currently working to resolve the threat to eastern hemlock (a native forest tree) posed by an invasive Japanese adelgid. Mark Hoddle , University of California, Riverside, has written numerous articles and edited conference proceedings on biocontrol. He has recently successfully controlled the glassy wing sharpshooter in French Polynesia with introduced egg parasitoids. Ted Center , US Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Research Service, is a world leader in biological control of invasive plants, in particular against the world's worst water weed, waterhyacinth, and against melaleuca, an invasive Australian tree threatening the survival of the Florida Everglades, a World Heritage site.