Butterflies of Kent and South East London


Butterflies of Kent and South East London Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Pisces Publications
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Situated in the relatively hot and dry south-east corner of England, Kent provides great conditions for butterflies. As well as an ideal climate, Kent has good habitats for butterflies, such as chalk grassland and ancient woodland.It is also perfectly positioned for the arrival of migrant butterflies from continental Europe, some quite rare. Kent has 42 of the 59 butterfly species that are resident in Britain, including rare species such as Heath Fritillary and Duke of Burgundy, both increasing in numbers due to conservation efforts. Adonis and Small Blues are spreading and other butterflies that used to have a very restricted range in the county, including Silver-washed Fritillary, White Admiral and Purple Emperor, can now be seen in many woods, and have spread into south-east London. Green spaces in the London suburbs now have species such as Brown Argus, Green Hairstreak and Marbled White, and even Brown Hairstreak in some places.

Butterflies of Kent and South East London illustrates all the species that occur in the area, plus others that used to be here. Maps show the current distribution and compare historical data where the range has changed. Also, detailed information is provided on places to see these beautiful butterflies.

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