BMP Best Management Practices: Utility Pruning of Trees


BMP Best Management Practices: Utility Pruning of Trees Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: International Society of Arboriculture View more from this series: Best Management Practices ISBN: 9781881956440 Category:

ISA has developed a series of Best Management Practices (BMPs) for the purpose of interpreting tree care standards and providing guidelines of practice for arborists, tree workers, and the people who employ their services. companion publication for American National Standard for Tree Care Operations—Tree, Shrub and Other Woody Plant Management—Standard Practices (Pruning).
This BMP describes current best practices in utility tree pruning based on scientific research and proven methodology for the safe and reliable delivery of utility services, while preventing unnecessary injury to trees to the greatest extent possible.

Topics in this BMP include:
• Utility Pruning Safety
• Utility Pruning Tools and Equipment
• Utility Pruning Methods and Practices
• Utility Pruning in Remote/Rural Environments
• Emergency Service Restoration
This 22-page softcover booklet was last revised in 2004.

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