Black Ops and Beaver Bombing: Adventures with Britain’s Wild Mammals


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Black Ops and Beaver Bombing: Adventures with Britain’s Wild Mammals Authors: , Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Oneworld Publications
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From eccentric hedgehog behaviour to red squirrels making their last stand in the battle against the greys, here are the mammals of Britain as you’ve never seen them before. Join Fiona Mathews and Tim Kendall on an overnight stakeout in search of the elusive pine marten. Follow them down mines inhabited by greater horseshoe bats, cavers, ravers and teenagers smoking unusual substances. Meet water voles thriving in the East End of Glasgow – despite the lack of water – and observe the brilliance of wild boar in your back garden. Lively and light-hearted, Black Ops and Beaver Bombing puts animals at the heart of the story, revelling in their peculiarities, with a few corny jokes along the way. In search of answers to the problems that beset our wildlife, Fiona and Tim reveal the wonder of creatures that are worth fighting for.

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Author Biography

Fiona Mathews is professor of environmental biology at the University of Sussex. She is the founding chair of Mammal Conservation Europe and author of the UK government's official census of British mammals. She advises the UK government and its devolved authorities on a variety of conservation issues. Tim Kendall is professor of English literature at the University of Exeter. He is the author of works of poetry and literary criticism, and he edited Britain's Mammals 2018. He lives in the wilds of East Devon with Fiona, and they share their house with two teenage daughters, two rabbits, a Labrador and a rehabilitating common pipistrelle bat.