Atlas of the Bryophytes of South Hampshire


Atlas of the Bryophytes of South Hampshire Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Pisces Publications Pages: 144 Illustrations and other contents: 366 maps, 48 colour plates ISBN: 9781874357414 Categories: ,

Jean Paton’s pioneering work on local bryophyte flora was published in 1961 as A Bryophyte Flora of South Hampshire. This present volume includes all new records from 1950-2007, covering over 70 new taxa since 1960. The main contributors of records were F.Rose, R.C. Stern and N.A. Sanderson, mostly from about the mid-1970s. Recorders include Alison Bolton who provided some very useful records of certain Sphagna, liverworts and the two hornworts, Anthoceros punctatus and Phaeoceros laevis.
The work is based on a 5km square recording unit rather than Paton’s 10km square, in line with a future proposed county-wide atlas, and the maps incorporate Paton’s records were possible.

The atlas accounts for 53 pages. The species accounts, with dot maps if 3 or more squares have records, are cross referenced in some cases to colour plates (45 in total).
The remaining pages are a reprint of Paton’s original Bryophyte Flora from 1962 as published in the Transactions of the British Bryological Society.

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