Arachnologists’ Handbook 3rd Edition


Arachnologists’ Handbook 3rd Edition Editors: Geoff Oxford, Helen Smith, Tony Russell-Smith Published By: British Arachnological Society Pages: 129 Illustrations and other contents: 8 plates with 28 colour photos; b/w line drawings ISBN: 9780950009384 Categories: , ,

This is the third revised edition of the Arachnologists’ Handbook.

Spiders and their relatives are a diverse and fascinating group, with over 660 species of spiders alone recorded from the United Kingdom. With its combination of practical advice and useful information, the Handbook is written with both established arachnologists and the interested naturalist in mind. As well as a general introduction to British spiders, the Handbook includes chapters on collecting arachnids in the field, starting and using a collection, photographing spiders, keeping them in captivity and arachnid recording schemes and an illustrated key to the families of British spiders. A list of equipment suppliers and a reading list are also provided together with revised and updated checklists of the spiders, harvestmen and false scorpions of the United Kingdom. It is illustrated with images of British spiders in their natural habitats.



1. Why Study Spiders?   6
2. The British Arachnid Fauna   16
Colour Plates   50
3. Collecting Arachnids   59
4. Starting and Using a Collection   75
5. Spider Photography   88
6. Keeping Spiders in Captivity   94
7. National Recording Schemes   104
8. Safety Matters   110
9. List of Suppliers   112
10. Recommend Reading   115
11. Glossary of Terms   119

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