World Checklist and Bibliography of Campanulaceae


  • Author: Lammers, T.G.
  • Date Pub: 2007
  • ISBN: 9781842461860
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The bellflower Family Campanulaceae is found throughout the world, and includes a large number of species important in ornamental horticulture. For the past quarter century, Dr. Thomas Lammers has devoted his professional career to a better understanding of its relationships, classification, distribution, and evolution. In this volume, he provides a thorough accounting of the family, the first to be published since 1839. Eighty-four genera are recognized, encompassing 2319 species, 391 subspecies, and 27 named hybrids; another 8135 names are treated as synonyms. For each recognized species, subspecies, or hybrid, information is provided on its geographic distribution, life-form, and chromosome number. All this is fully documented by an encyclopaedic bibliography. As such, it is the ultimate resource from which to begin any inquiry into the family and its members.

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Paperback; 675pp.

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