Woodland Conservation and Management 2nd edition - reprint


  • Author: George Peterken
  • Date Pub: 1993
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  • Table of contents
  • Part One: Origins, management and ecological charatceristics of British woodlands. Original natural woodland. Ancient woodland and traditional management. Ecological characteristics of ancient woods. High forest management. Recent secondary woodland. Long-term changes in the woodland flora.
  • Part Two: Types of semi-natural woodland in Britain. Woodland classification. Types of ancient semi-natural woodland. Management variants of stand types. Succession and stand types. British woodland types in a European context.
  • Part Three: Woodland nature conservation. Objectives and priorities of nature conservation in British woodlands. Observation and recording in woodlands. Assessment of woodlands for nature conservation.
  • Part Four: Management for nature conservation. Planning for nature conservation within forestry. Pattern and redistribution of woodland. Nature conservation aspects of woodland management. Management of semi-natural woodland. Integration of nature conservation with other objectives of woodland management. British woodland management in a European context. References. Indexes.
  • Digitally scanned reprint of the second edition of this title first published in 1981. Introduces basic principles for conservation in ancient woods and woods of other origins, mostly set in a predominantly agricultural landscape. Provides a classification of ancient semi-natural woodland based on native trees and other readily recognizable features.

    374pp, b&w photos, some distribution maps.

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