Wild Flowers: Nature's own to garden grown


  • Author: Carol Klein
  • Date Pub: 2013
  • Published byBBC - more

Carol Klein (of Gardener's World) celebrates the UK's wild flowers and traces the family tree of each through to their garden cousins.
Wild flowers are a great passion for Carol, and this year she's travelling the length and breadth of the country to find the most exquisite flora occurring naturally in the woodlands, hedgerows, meadows and moors, and then she sets off in search of their cultivated cousins, and shows us how to grow them in our own gardens.
Carol delves into the story of each plant, full of myth, legend and country lore, and as always shares her practical expertise, passing on hints and tips, including which variations to go for, how and where to plant, and what with, for the most spectacular results.
Containing thirty two of Britain's favourite wild flowers and their home-grown descendents, structured by season and illustrated with Jonathan Buckley's amazing photographs, this book of botanical wonders will inspire, surprise and inform gardeners of all levels.

224 pages.
ISBN 9781849905848

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