Wild Flowers - New Naturalist Series 5 (Facsimile Edition)


  • Author: John Gilmour & Max Walters
  • Date Pub: 2008 (reprint)
  • ISBN: ISBN 0007278527
  • Published byHarper Collins - more

This facsimile printing is identical in every way to the original first edition.

The purpose of this book is to supply an introduction to British wild flowers for those who (though keen and interested) may feel in need of guidance. Readers will find that Wild Flowers succeeds in far more than this, however, since, with its accent on history, ecology and the communities of plants, it makes a really important contribution to the understanding of our flora, not only by the general naturalist but by those working in other fields of natural history. The writers also focused on the part that amateurs can play in building up the scientific knowledge of our plants. In addition, their account of the history of British field botany was the best of its kind written at the time, and there are numerous and apposite quotations from the poets, a surprising number of whom also appear to have been botanists.

Hardback. 256pp.

  • New Title
  • Condition: New

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