Warwickshire's Wildflowers


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"Warwickshire's Wildflowers" provides a modern snapshot of the flora of Warwickshire and reflects heavily on recent changes, both losses and gains. It is as much a book about Warwickshire (defined here as including Coventry, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield and much of east Birmingham) as about the plants themselves. It explains how the local landscape has come to look the way it does, and how wildflowers have adapted to the challenges and opportunities associated with some six thousand years of local human activity. The text is complemented by many colour photographs illustrating local plantlife and the places where they grow. The book also provides a fully updated checklist of Warwickshire's 1,778 native and naturalised plants, and the first formal classification of those considered most rare and requiring conservation.
The author has been senior keeper of Natural History at Warwickshire museum, Warwick since 2005.

Hardback. 344 pages. Colour photographs and tables.

ISBN: 9781858584454

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