Vegetation Structure and Function at Multiple Spatial, Temporal and Conceptual Scales


  • Author: Box, E.O. (Ed.)
  • Date Pub: 2016 Mar
  • ISBN: ISBN: 9783319214511
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This commemorative volume of invited papers in vegetation science covers a full range
of topics, objectives, methods and applications, including conservation and management
tasks. These require study at different temporal and spatial scales, often simultaneously.
Methodology is important in science, since it responds to particular questions and raises
others. It is also closely related to the scale of investigation. Chapters in this book illustrate
this interdependence, even in basic tasks such as vegetation sampling and description,
measurements and mapping. Individual chapters present globally applicable systems,
regional syntheses, and local analyses and applications, plus conceptual methodologies,
including currently debated hot topics. Vegetation types treated include tropical
rainforests, temperate forests, dry steppes and scrub, and local turf, sedge and moss
communities. There are also chapters on re-vegetation, woodlot management, ecology
of an invasive species, and trajectory planning in conservation. This book will be useful to
both students and practitioners, for its reviews and examples, and as a potential textbook
suitable for graduate-level courses and seminars.

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XL, 581 p.
168 illus., 111 illus. in color.

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