Up by Roots: Healthy Soils and Trees in the Built Environment


  • Author: Urban, J.
  • Date Pub: 2008
  • ISBN: 9781881956655
  • Published byISA - more

Healthy soil and other essential requirements are critical to the success of trees, but are often missing in the design concepts of contemporary urban landscapes. Up By Roots is a manual for landscape architects, architects, urban foresters, and planners who are designing, specifying, installing and managing trees in the built environment.

Part One discusses basic soil science and tree biology and their relationship to healthy trees.

Part Two explains the process of planning and implementing landscape designs to ensure healthy trees that can improve the quality of places where people live, work and play. The book contains numerous illustrations and data in graphic form to provide guidance in the design of healthy soils and trees. (©2008, softcover, 479 pp., glossary, index, conversion chart)

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Further Information:

479 pages
Black & white illustrations throughout

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