Timber Trees of Suriname : Identification Guide


  • Author: Bhikhi, C., Maas, P., Koek-Noorman, J., van Andel, T.
  • Date Pub: 2016 12 (Dec)
  • ISBN: 9789460223914
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This guide focuses on the identification of Surinamese trees, based on field, vegetative, floristic and wood characteristics. It includes botanical descriptions, wood descriptions, illustrations and photos of 100 Surinamese commercial timber tree species, potential timber tree species and tree species protected by Surinamese forest law. It is the first book for Suriname with more than 400 photos to illustrate characters of tree species for easy identification in the field. The guide is intended for anyone interested in learning and identifying Surinamese timber trees.
While this guide focuses on Suriname, many of the treated species can be found in the neighboring countries of Guyana and French Guiana, or areas having a Neotropical distribution, making it relevant to the whole region.

  • This book is based on the Dutch publication Bomenboek voor Suriname, first published in 1963 and now out of print.
    This usefulidentification guide is now available in an updated English language version
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256 pages
400 illus.

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