The Wild Orchids of Florida


In more than 100 years of research in Florida, 'Wild Orchids of Florida' is the first field guide to be published for this orchid-rich state. Over 400 colour photos, as well as line drawings by Stan Folsom, distribution maps, illustrated keys, detailed descriptions of 118 species, and tips on orchid hunting enable ready identification of any of the orchids found growing in the wild.

First published in 2002, Wild Orchids of Florida was the very first field guide for this orchid-rich state, and it inspired many to try their hand at orchid hunting. Because of its overwhelming popularity and in an attempt to provide the latest developments in orchid research, native orchid expert Paul Martin Brown follows up with this newly revised and expanded edition.

The guide contains 200 new points of fact, including:
--more than 100 new county records established since 2002
--three recently rediscovered species that have not been seen in 100 years
--two previously undocumented species, six new hybrids, and several new color forms described and illustrated for the first time
--the resurrection and revalidation of the little-used genus of Gymnadeniopsis
--34 revised county distribution maps, 37 new color photos, and three new watercolors by Stan Folsom

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432 pages.

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