The Waving Plants of the River


  • Author: Sylvia M Haslam
  • Date Pub: 2013
  • ISBN: ISBN : 9780956469243
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By the end of The Waving Plants of the River readers have a better understanding of how water plants behave, and, as importantly, of how little is known of how they work. They are living beings, a fact often forgotten, they react to the total environment they are in. That there is some American research finding that the conditions in a riverscape were best predicted by the management of half a century before, should make everyone think! As should the proven research demonstrating the deplorable loss of waving plants over too much of Europe over that period. All is not however lost: good research has much improved part of the Danube, but this is rare. Too often, as in parts of England, the forces of destruction outweigh those of restoration.

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