The Water Vole Mitigation Handbook


  • Author: Mike Dean(Author), Rob Strachan(Author), Derek Gow(Author), Richard M Andrews(Author), Fiona Mathews(Editor), Paul RF Chanin(Editor)
  • Date Pub: 2016 04 (Apr)
  • ISBN: 9780993567308
  • Published byMammal Society - more

The Water Vole Mitigation Handbook, endorsed by the Water Vole Steering Group and CIEEM, provides the latest guidance on mitigating the effects of development on water voles. The first in a new series of practitioner guidance from The Mammal Society, it provides the evidence base for informed decision-making by ecological consultants, planners, Competent Authorities and developers.

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Further Information:

Mammal Society Mitigation Guidance Series
47 pages
Colour photos, colour illustrations, colour tables

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