The Vegetation of the Iberian Peninsula, Volume 1


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With contributions by 70 Spanish and Portuguese flora and vegetation experts, the two volumes of The Vegetation of the Iberian Peninsular, offer an updated and comprehensive synthesis of the plant communities of the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands.
This volume - volume 1 - addresses the general history, geography, bioclimatology, flora, vegetation dynamics and biogeography of the area. It also provides a detailed description of the vegetation of 9 territorial sectors of the central and northern half of the area by selected regional experts.
The second volume, also has two sections, the first section describes the vegetation of the remaining 5 sectors, while a second section examines particular features of coasts, high mountains, aquatic environments, gypsum and dolomite areas, invasive plants, biodiversity and human-shaped landscapes.

The work is a valuable resource for scientists as all the basic information is offered for research documenting purposes, for conservationists as it is framed within the Habitat Directive typology, and for anyone interested in the terrestrial ecosystems of that part of the world.

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