The Rare Plant Register of Cumbria


  • Provides the post 1970 status of 287 rare, scarce and threatened species in Cumbria
  • Lists 2500 sites.
  • This register of the rare, scarce and threatened vascular plants of Cumbria is a companion book to the Flora of Cumbria and provides more precise and up to date details of individual species than the Flora. The source of much of the information in the Register is drawn from the Flora of Cumbria database along with subsequent records and species index cards, corrected and updated by local recorders, field workers from other local groups and BSBI surveys.

    This a paper form of an abridged version of the Register database.
    This abridged version is also available in electronic form, viewable on the BSBI website.

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    Further Information:

    150 pages, 6 pages of colour plates, 56 distribution maps,

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