The Practical Book of Beekeeping : A complete how-to manual on the satisfying art of keeping bees and their day to day care


  • Author: Cramp, D.
  • Date Pub: 2017 11 (Nov)
  • ISBN: 9780754834342
  • Published byLorenz Books - more

Beekeeping must rate as one of the most interesting and satisfying hobbies. The structure and hierarchy of a beehive and the behaviour of bees is fascinating, and the end product, honey, is a fitting reward for a beekeeper's care. This book gives information on the way the hive works, how to get your bees and transfer them to the hive and how to handle the bees.

A useful calendar, packed with information, shows you at a glance when to inspect, maintain and repair the hive, and how to harvest the honey. It describes problems such as diseases and pests that can affect the bees, and suggests the best plants for a bee-friendly garden.

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160 page
Over 400 photographs