The National Encyclopaedia of the Swedish Flora and Fauna. Bladmossor: Sköldmossor - blåmossor / Bryophyta: Buxbaumia - Leucobryum. 6-23


  • All texts are written in Swedish, but each species has a short English summary – Key facts. Many high quality illustrations, distribution maps and illustrated indentification keys in both Swedish and English makes the books valuable for an international audience.
  • The Encyclopedia of the Swedish Flora and Fauna will constitute a series of identification handbooks in Swedish, which will be published in both paper and electronic editions. The 50 000 species which can be identified without highly advanced equipment will be described in detail, including information on distribution and biology. For most of them, distribution maps as well as illustrations e.g. watercolours will also be provided. The groups containing the remaining 30 000 species will be presented down to a suitable taxonomic level (e.g. families), with the species presented as checklists.
  • English key information
  • This volume covers 262 species from Buxbaumia to Leucobryum. Each species is described in detail and very well illustrated with more than 1.000 water colours and photographs. Some of the species have not previously been illustrated in colour.

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