The Magnificent Flora Graeca


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"The Flora Graeca" is one of the most extraordinary botanical publications of all time. The spectacular quality of the botanical illustrations, the size of the publication (10 double folio volumes), its cost on publication (over GBP 620 in 1830) and the lengths to which people went to see it all added to the Flora's reputation.

This book summarizes the story of the Flora Graeca enterprise, profiling the leading characters, John Sibthorp and his celebrated illustrator Ferdinand Bauer, and charting their eastern Mediterranean adventures; the scientific and artistic aspects of the publication and its printing history. It also looks at the horticultural legacy of Sibthorp's voyages and the plants he brought back to England. Heavily illustrated, the book brings together images of Sibthorp's specimens (looking remarkably fresh after 180 years) and illustrations from the original watercolours and the engravings preserved in Oxford.

200pp. Hardback. 250 x 250 x 20 mm.
Colour illustrations.
ISBN 10: 1851243062
ISBN 13: 9781851243068

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