The Genus Hygrocybe: Fungi of Northern Europe vol. 1 - Revised 2nd Edition


  • Author: Boertmann, D.
  • Date Pub: 2010
  • ISBN: 9788798358176
  • Published bySvampetryk - more

Fungi of Northern Europe, Volume 1: The Genus Hygrocybe.

This revised second edition of the book includes revised keys, descriptions and illustrations of all 62 species and varieties recognized from the area. A few new combinations are proposed. Many new pictures have been added. This is the English language version of the book.

A Danish version can be purchased here:
Vokshatte, £15.00

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  • Condition: New

Further Information:

184pp. Keys; colour photographs, drawings, distribution maps. Published for the Danish Mycological Society, in their 'Fungi of N. Europe' series.

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