The Garden of Ignorance


Marion Cran (1875–1942), born in South Africa, passed most of her life in England, and, from 1910 until her death, lived and gardened in a house called 'Coggers' near Benenden in Kent. She was a prolific writer of books and articles on gardening, and was the first radio broadcaster on gardening in Britain. This 1913 work combines prescriptive gardening advice with autobiography. She admits that, although she had longed to live in the country, 'I knew nothing at all of gardening; never did anyone know less.' When she first arrived at the 'rented three shaggy acres of ground in Surrey' in which she made her first garden, it took her some time to decide to tame the wilderness. In an entertaining narrative, she describes her journey from ignorance of plants themselves, soil types and manures, planting aspects and pruning regimes, to hands-on expertise and wild enthusiasm.

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