The Flowering Plants Handbook - A Practical Guide to Families and Genera of the World


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  • Author: J. W Byng
  • Date Pub: 2014 November
  • ISBN: ISBN: 9780992999308
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  • Published byPlant Gateway - more

This book aims to help identify flowering plants to genus and family level anywhere in the world. It is a practical teaching and identification guide, as well as, a useful reference work to the world’s flowering plants – for both specialists and non-specialists and from beginner to expert. The book is based on the APG III family system and collates all current (up to Oct 2014) generic circumscriptions based on molecular data.

The book contains descriptions of all currently recognised flowering plant families, morphological notes for 6656 genera (all current genera for 398/413 families) and over 3000 images and illustrations.

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22.9 x 15.2 x 3.5 cm
619 pages

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