The Edible Mushroom Book

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  • Author: Anna Del Conte & Thomas Laessoe
  • Date Pub: 2008
  • ISBN: ISBN: 9781405332132
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  • Published byDorling Kindersley - more

From common puffballs to golden wax caps, morels to chanterelles, find out how to forage, prepare and cook delicious mushrooms that are wild, fresh and free.

Superb photographs show edible mushrooms in their natural habitats, so you know exactly what to look for, where, and when.

Once you’ve reaped your harvest, there are over 50 fantastic recipes to transform fungi into mouth-watering dishes – from hearty meals for hungry hunters to delicious soups, salads, and exotic specialities.

Hardback, 148 x 192mm, 192pp

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